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Terms and Conditions for the usage and distribution of our Rx Advantage Services/Savings Card and usage of Phoenix Benefits Management pharmacy network.

1. Never knowingly solicit a pharmacy or a pharmacist to distribute your cards.
2. Never mail informational material to a pharmacy or to a pharmacist.
3. Do not distribute pharmacy savings cards in or outside of a pharmacy.
4. Never utilize Phoenix Benefits Management logo without previous approval.
5. Never utilize any pharmacy logo on your card or marketing materials. Inappropriate usage of network will result in termination of your contract.
6. Any contact with a pharmacy should be made through the Phoenix Benefits Management Provider Relations Department. If you would like to notify a pharmacy of a new program in your area, Phoenix will work to notify the pharmacies in our network on your behalf.
7. Do not charge any fee for the usage of the Rx Advantage Services/Savings Card. If the Rx Advantage Services/Savings Card is part of a paid bundle service, it must clearly state that the Rx Advantage Services/Savings Card is a FREE benefit to the customer.
8. Always label your cards with “This is not Insurance” on the front. Make sure it is clearly visible.
9. Always include the Phoenix Benefits Management Customer Service phone number on the card. (888.532.3299).
10. Phoenix is always available to review card design or distribution ideas to give you guidance and to help make sure you are in compliance with all pharmacy and government regulations.
Any violations of the previous guidelines will result in immediate termination of your group numbers and contract.
You must accept to continue your Rx Advantage Services/Savings Card and usage of the dashboard.

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